At The Fitness Connection, our fitness team encourage all members to be F.I.T. – Focused In (your) Training program. Whether you are trying to squeeze in a workout during the work day to re-energize or feel better, relieving stress from a long day, or working towards a specific fitness goal- our fitness floor is staffed throughout the day to help answer any questions you have.


How do we keep you F.I.T.?


Smart Start Orientations

All new members receive two complimentary orientation sessions to take advantage of within their first 30 days of joining.

  • The first orientation will consist of an in-depth consultation and personalized assessment based on your goals and needs.
  • The second session is a Fitness Connection orientation scheduled within a week of the first orientation, which will follow-up on the assessment made and will include a customized workout .

You will leave the sessions feeling motivated to work towards your goals and should have a better understanding of how to combat the obstacles you are facing. To schedule your appointment, contact The Fitness Connection or call (541) 463-3987.

Personal Training Sessions

We offer a variety of personal training packages for individual, duo (2 people), and small group training (3+ people). Benefits of Personal Training you may not be aware of include:

  1. Thorough and continuous assessments: Initial assessments may be done in a static position to show us postural asymmetries, but the way to truly test muscle and joint function is to see them in action with movement. Our goal is to make you move better and more throughout the day. How your body feels from day-to-day will vary, so our trainers are equipped with the expertise to work with that variation.
  2. Customized program design that will change as we assess how you adapt to movements to allow us to modify your program with proper progression. Have you been doing the same workouts and not getting results? Our bodies need to be challenged in all planes of motion, so if you are already sitting all day at work, then coming to the gym to sit on more machines, are you truly training yourself to be functional out of a seated position? The answer is most likely no. Our trainers will find exercises that will challenge your body in all planes of motion to withstand the challenges of every day demands and more importantly, prevent you from getting injured.
  3. Have real accountability: It is easy to skip a workout when it is not a priority in your schedule. You will be more likely to make it a priority when you know you are paying for it. Would you skip a doctor’s appointment? Normally not without at least 24 hours advance notice as there is a value to what the doctor will provide for you. There is the same value to what your personal trainer provides and with the ability to see them more consistently, you will have a more natural “medicine” for your body and long-term health benefits.
  4. Feel better training with a trainer than on your own. Some people are good at training hard, but our trainers are good at helping you train smart. Your body does not know the difference between physical stress, emotional stress, and mental stress- so having your trainer mitigate that stress throughout the session will guarantee that you will feel better after every session.

Meet our Fitness Staff


Our Fitness Staff will be walking the floor throughout the day. Look for them in the green shirts or black personal training shirts. Ask our fitness staff:

  • To show you around the fitness floor
  • On how to use specific pieces of equipment
  • For a spot during a free weight exercise
  • About our personal trainers and fitness programs
  • About our member feedback system